In the beginning... Caravaggio's Bacchus - Roman God of Wine

Bacchus Speaks: A Little Wine "Vintage" History

Bacchus, also commonly known as Bacco and Dionysus by the Romans and Thracians (who embodied the ancient Greeks) respectively, is "da man" when it comes to the "wines from the vines". As the God of wine, Bacchus has assisted in pleasing our palates, enhancing our lifestyles and, these days, improving our health as well! Bacchus truly knows the intoxicating power of wine.

The wine tasting events and parties today are not quite the same as they were in early history. Back in the "the day" wine was celebrated with what was known as the bacchanalia festivals. These "fests" originally began as a religious celebration honoring Bacchus but eventually they turned into an event where drunkenness and licentious excesses took over; the bacchanalia got so far out of control that is was finally forbidden by law.

Today, with the huge selections of international wines readily available and a multitude of wine tasting events to choose from on any given day I would say the wine gods have come a long way. Talk about job security! Here's to Bacchus "Bacco" aka Dionysus and Liber Pater (another old wine god guy)! Keep an eye on those vines fellas!

The lovely portrait of Bacchus presented here was painted some famous guy that goes by the name Caravaggio. ;)

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